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American education is caught at a cross roads. While there is no shortage of discussion about how to educate children moving forward, much either lacks historic insight into the fundamental building blocks that got us here, or is based by policies funded and dictated by private interests. In Insights Into Education Dan and Ed informally discuss the concerns of parents and teachers about the state of American education. They focus on what they have collectively learned in almost 100 years of experiences as teachers and administrators. They believe education must be focused on each individual child. They share a wealth of knowledge about experiential education. As parents, and having dealt with parents' concerns on many levels, they share insights into what parents need from teachers and the education system.
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May 24, 2016

In this episode Dan and Ed explore the origins of public education and the original intent of those who worked to create "One Nation" out of myriads of different cultures. They explore the concept of “Americanization” which, through the 1940s, was a large part of what schools focused on.  By the mid-1990s forces began to rise out of other philosophies that worked to divide American by ripping apart communities and their most important heart, the public schools. The so-called “reformer’s” written goal is to starve and kill public schools.  Dan and Ed discuss the rise of charter or partial schools, their original intent, and the way many are now being used to destroy communities, re-segregate by race and color, create wealth for individuals and corporations, and weaken the education our children deserve.  This episode provides powerful insights into many of the issues that currently face the United States and Europe as topics such as national identity and isolationism shape and drive political discourse.

May 10, 2016

Our education programs are damaged by external forces that have by-passed professional teachers, and the needs of children, to force standardization and forms of inculcation on education. 

Luckily, most teachers are doing what is right for kids.  Most teachers are protecting children from the guaranteed failure and humiliation which is part of the education reform movement.

This episode gives parents and teachers another look at the reasons for the Opt Out movement.