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American education is caught at a cross roads. While there is no shortage of discussion about how to educate children moving forward, much either lacks historic insight into the fundamental building blocks that got us here, or is based by policies funded and dictated by private interests. In Insights Into Education Dan and Ed informally discuss the concerns of parents and teachers about the state of American education. They focus on what they have collectively learned in almost 100 years of experiences as teachers and administrators. They believe education must be focused on each individual child. They share a wealth of knowledge about experiential education. As parents, and having dealt with parents' concerns on many levels, they share insights into what parents need from teachers and the education system.
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Feb 17, 2017

In episode 18, Screen Kids, Dan and Ed continue our interviews with Holli Kenley, a lady who is reaching thousands of people of all ages through her books, presentations, school assemblies, and radio talks.  Her messages are clear and very helpful. She has been a teacher, marriage counselor, and leader in helping us all understand human needs and human development.

This is the first part of a three-part series addressed directly to parents and teachers which presents information about the damage flat screens (smart phones, iPads, TVs) do to brain development, especially to children in their earliest stages of growth through age 8. Holli is concerned that much of this new information will cause an overreaction and possibly generate guilt and negative responses. She identifies dangers and offers courses of action that will alleviate these problems. This episode is a gentle introduction. The next episodes go deeper into the issues we all need to be aware of.

To connect with Holli in past episodes, access Episode 12 (Sept 19, 2016) Another Way, and Episode 13 (Oct 4, 2016) Cyberbullying And Bullycide. Also relevant is Dan and Ed’s past episode #15. (November 17, 2016.) The Damage Tech Does To Developing Brains.